Our Current Offering – Crones Don’t Whine.

In earlier times, the word “crone” referred to an older, wise woman who was revered in her community. Often, she was a midwife, healer, or leader. But as women’s roles became diminished in a patriarchal society – and with the help of Disney – crones became characterized as withered, malicious, mean old women. 

No more, says author Jean Shinoda Bolen, who is putting a new face on the old, haggard one.  In Crones Don’t Whine, Bolen introduces today’s crone – an older woman with wisdom, compassion, humor, courage, and vitality. Crones, says Bolen, have learned to trust themselves and know what they know.

Thursdays, 4 to 5:15 p.m. (Central time) 
for 4 weeks

January 20, 27, February 3, 10 

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