What We’re About

The Wisdom Years is an emerging ministry created by a small working group of over-70 adults. With Joan Chittister, we recognize that, “It is a mistake to see the signs of aging as indications of dying rather than as invitations into a deeper way of life” (from The Gift of Years). We believe – and our lives attest – that these are the years when we have the time to look deeply at our relationship with God, to finally live into all that God is calling us to become, and to see blessings even amidst the diminishments of aging.

We are asking questions such as:

How can we harvest from our lives the things that brought us to this point? How can we re-collect what has served us well in our spiritual formation? What do we now need to let go of? 

What is life-giving for us and how do we invite others our age into life in its abundance in these years?

How do we navigate between the burdens and the blessings of these years?

What do we do about the regrets, the “should-haves” and the “shouldn’t-haves”? How do we deal with what-is and accept what-never-will-be without feeling angry, depressed, and resentful?

What do we have to say to the generations coming along behind us? What of our lived experience can now serve as wisdom for those who are making their way?

How can we now be a blessing to others? How have the gifts with which we ourselves were blessed ripen into maturity,  and how can we now share those with others in our churches, our communities, our society?

We believe we are responding to the call of the Spirit at this time in the life of our churches and our society. Our work will be organic, evolving from the needs we encounter. We expect to fail and learn and follow where the spirit leads. If this call resonates with you, we invite you to join us.

This site is maintained by Marjorie George, who serves as a consultant for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. She is available at marjoriegeorge62@gmail.com and welcomes conversation about deepening spirituality in the last third of our lives.

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