Wisdom Years Studies

This is an invitation, not a command. We aren’t here to teach you anything. Rather, we think God has something to teach us – and God often uses God”s spirit to do that. It’s about allowing the Spirit to reveal to us what we have learned in the experiences of our lives, and listening to others of our age about what they have learned. As we engage with books, essays, and even poetry from wise writers, we connect with our souls and go deeper on the spiritual journey.

Books by Zoom

Yes, older adults not only can adapt to meeting online, they are finding wonderful benefits. Go to the page.

Reading List

We’ve compiled a list of ones we like best. We invite your contributions. Go to the page.

Studies we have done.

Use our guide, prompts, and reflection questions. Go at your own pace.

The Gift of Years – The best book for starting an online study. Joan Chittister tackles the “blessings and burdens” of this age and offers realistic hope and direction for this new stage of lie. This page gives you reflection questions for each chapter. Go to the page.

Exploring Sophia/Seeking Wisdom – She was there in the beginning when God created all things. Some call her Sophia – Greek for “wisdom.” We use Joyce Rupp’s book The Star in My Heart for an 8-week study, including an overview of wisdom literature and an ending liturgy. Go here.

Pilgrims Journeying Within. Using The Soul of a Pilgrim by Christine Valters Paintner, we become pilgrims on an inner journey in this season of letting go and accepting new ways of encountering the world. We return home refreshed and wiser. Find the study.