Our Grounding Principles

As we live out this season of our lives, we understand that, as Joan Chittister has said, “As the physical dimension of life diminishes, the spiritual dimension commonly increases. We find ourselves asking:

  • What do we do about the regrets, the “should-haves” and the “shouldn’t-haves”? How do we deal with what-is and accept what-never-will-be without feeling angry, depressed, and resentful?
  • What do we have to say to the generations coming along behind us? How can we speak wisdom into our churches, our communities, our society?
  • How can we harvest from our lives the things that brought us to this point? How can we re-collect what has served us well in our spiritual formation? What do we now need to let go of? 
  • What is life-giving for us and how do we invite others our age into life in its abundance in these years?
  • How do we navigate between the burdens and the blessings of these years?
  • How can we bless others?

We understand that this season of our lives is distinct and different from those we have already experienced. As we gather in the Wisdom Years community in weekly offerings, in workshops and conferences and retreats, in holding each other in prayer, in developing and sustaining companionship, we hold these thoughts to guide us:

– We seek to share wisdom through community and friendship by allowing for mutual listening. 

– We believe that wisdom comes from listening to our own souls as well as others as they tell their stories. 

– We hold space for the Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us.

– We acknowledge the blessings and challenges of this time of our lives. 

– We consider our earlier years to have given us all that we need to live this season well and release all that does not now serve us as we continue to grow spiritually. 

– We allow room for others’ revelations without judgment or correction.

We invite all, of any faith or no faith at all, to join us in our journey into deeper relationship with our Creator and each other.

Marjorie George

Carla Pineda

The Rev. Patricia Riggins