Reflections on Aging

Reflections and resources for the journey.

Becoming Elders

We are called to be “elders, to bear witness to the world as placeholders for peace, love, wisdom and fearlessness.

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Passing on the Blessing

The promise – the blessing of the Holy One from the beginning of time – passes from one generation to the next in the story of Elizabeth and Mary.

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Crossing Thresholds

Sometimes a threshold appears as dreams or intentions we have ignored too long. Sometimes we just know it is time to cross. 

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Hallowing our Diminishments

  When we hallow or make holy our diminishments, honoring them and treating them gently, we live in our aging bodies with grace, rather than anger, morbidity, or denial.

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Aging in Place – A Guide

Nearly 80 percent of adults ages 50 and older want to remain in their current homes as they age, according to AARP. Aging in place is often more affordable than transitioning to institutionalized care and allows someone to retain independence in a comfortable, familiar setting. However, aging in place isn’t right for everyone. It requires careful planning, research and coordination.

Find helpful information in “Aging in Place: A Guide to Growing Older at Home” from Retire Guide.