Blogs and Sites We Like

An inspiring thought, a great poem, an e-course that expands our perspective on aging – all are tools to tuck into our backpacks as we make the journey of elder adulthood. Take what resonates and is useful; leave the rest. 

If you know of blogs and website to share, tell us. 

  • Spirituality and Practice – e-courses, book reviews, film reviews, links.
    A robust website of resources for the spiritual journey, including reasonably-priced e-courses on a variety of topics.  Their elder spirituality project aims to reframe limiting and negative ideas about the last stage of life into an understanding that getting older can be an exciting and rewarding spiritual adventure.

  • Sageing International – e-courses, eldering, social justice.
    This conscious-aging nonprofit is dedicated to transforming the limited view of  “age-ing” to a more expansive view of aging as a time for “sage-ing,”  promoting life-long learning, building communities of conscious elders, encouraging social activism and service and leaving spiritual legacies. 

  • Elders Action Network – workshops, community conversations, book studies, book reviews, social action.
    EAN believes that in our society, elders’ talents and experiences are largely untapped, resulting in the loss of elders’ collective wisdom gained over decades of living. The site campaigns for the use of elder resources in addressing the serious societal and environmental problems that face the nation.
  • Center for Courage and Renewal– workshops, conversations, books, videos.
    What began as a quiet experiment in sustaining the inner life of public educators has grown into an educational nonprofit fostering courage and renewal across professions. Founded by writer, activist, and Quaker elder Parker Palmer, the Center now includes a section of Aging with Wisdom retreats and online courses that focus on the spirituality of aging.
  • Society of St John the Evangelist – daily meditations, curricula, worship opportunities, essays, sermons.
    The brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist live in community in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While they are devoted to a monastic life, they are incredibly attuned to the struggles of ordinary people and offer their wisdom through daily reflections, sermons, studies, and guidelines. Dig around in their website for some excellent resources for both individual and community spirituality. Especially look under the Monastic Wisdom and Good News tabs. Sign up for a daily reflection in your email.

  • The Center for Action and Contemplation. Daily meditations, podcasts, seminars, online education, books.
    The mission of the CAC is to open the door for a critical mass of spiritual seekers to experience the transformative wisdom of the Christian contemplative tradition and nurture its emergence in service to the healing of our world. CAC offers teaching from Father Richard Rohr and core faculty—Cynthia Bourgeault, James Finley, Barbara Holmes, and Brian McLaren—that is rooted in the Christian contemplative traditions and points to our oneness with God and each other. 

  • Network for Grateful Living. Articles, poetry, and practices for making gratefulness a way of life.
    This global organization offers online and community-based educational programs and practices which inspire and guide a commitment to grateful living. Grateful living is an engaged mindfulness practice, grounded in both wisdom and science, which supports our ability to see the wonder and opportunity in every moment, and motivates us to act boldly with love, generosity, and respect towards one another, ourselves, and the Earth.
  • Ron Rolheiser
    Fr. Ron is a member of the Oblate community at Oblate Seminary in San Antonio, Texas, and its most recent past president. He is very ecumenical, welcoming speakers and teachers from outside the Catholic Church to the seminary.  Increasingly, he writes about issues of aging in his blog.

  • Richard Rohr Daily Meditations
    Rohr’s daily meditations are always thought-provoking and frequently controversial. He works, he admits, from the fringes of the institutional church. His vision is to provide spiritual grounding for a movement of contemplative activists and prophetic leaders.

  • Brother, Give Us a Word
    Daily, succinct meditations of a few sentences from Society of St John the Evangelist that offer a guide for the day.  Always worth reading and thinking about.

  • Diana Butler Bass
    From The Cottage, Bass issues an invitation: “Drop in. Sit down. This is a place to explore faith and spirituality. Especially for those who feel dissatisfied, discomforted, or uncertain about religion — and who need a different angle, a new view of things of the spirit. Here you’ll find both inspiration and thoughtful commentary.

  • Daily Good – News that Inspires 
    DailyGood shares inspiring quotes and news stories that focus on the “good” we can find in our world daily along with a simple action to continue that goodness. Since 1999, it has delivered positive news to subscriber inboxes for free by volunteers every day.

  • Daily Something from Joanna Seibert
    A writer, Episcopal deacon, physician, harpist, mother and grandmother shares her own spiritual journey connecting to her family, friends, church, and co-workers as well as to those who are sick, needy, poor, weak, lonely, grieving, seeking recovery, and seeking spiritual direction.