Exploring Sophia; Seeking Wisdom

Does not wisdom call out?
    Does not understanding raise her voice? Proverbs 8:1)

Is knowledge the same thing as wisdom? Not necessarily. Knowledge is what one knows; wisdom is when and how and where to apply it.

Seven books of scripture (including two from the Apocrypha) offer us wisdom about life – addressing topics such as relationships with each other and with God, why suffering and injustice exist, and what to do about good and evil. We call it the wisdom literature. It typically appears as a collection of pithy sayings and short, didactic teachings, or as long monologues, or even as poetry.

The ancient Hebrews sought to gather wisdom from their lives and experiences and pass it on to their children, especially their sons. Ironically, in scripture wisdom is often considered a feminine characteristic. 

Wisdom, it is said, comes to us only as a divine gift, and it belongs to the very nature of God, revealing God’s feminine side. Many refer to her as Sophia – the Greek word for wisdom.

In this 7-week study we will consider where we can find Sophia/wisdom in scripture and how we can benefit from her teachings. How can we companion with her to live full and meaningful godly lives?

Study participants will also read from The Star in my Heart by Joyce Rupp to follow how Sophia has guided her life. Participants will need to buy the book. It is available from St. Mark’s bookstore at https://bookshop.org/shop/stmarksbookstoresa and other retailers.

Course Contents

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