Following the Epiphany Light – course material

We learn about the Epiphany story of the Magi in the gospel of Matthew (chapter 2, verses 1-12). Three astrologers have come from the East – probably Persia – because a new star has risen in the heavens, and they are compelled to follow it to divine its meaning. Their journey takes them to the child Jesus, where they pay him homage with gifts suited for a king. They are warned in a dream to go home by a different way, for they know Herod will search for the child and try to thwart God’s plan.

Those are our cues: God sets new opportunities in front of us sometimes in ordinary ways – the Magi were professional star-gazers – and urges us to follow. The journey may be rough, and there will be obstacles, but we will find ourselves in the presence of the Christ. Our spiritual journey will be enriched, and a new road may call us forward.

Epiphany is about revelation – God’s revelation of God’s self to all people – globally and particularly to each of us.

In our Epiphany study, each week for three weeks (on January 9, 16, and 23), we will post reading assignments, reflection prompts, and resources for the week ahead. Using these materials, we’ll gather for conversation by Zoom on Thursdays, January 12, 19, and 26.

Alternatively, you may do this study on your own, using the materials as you wish. Or gather your own small group to meet in-person at a location of your choice.

Following the Epiphany Light is an offering from The Wisdom Years.

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