An online offering
The Wisdom Years

Starting May 27, 2021

Every Thursday, 
4 to 5:15 p.m.
(Central time) 

for 4 weeks

In his poem “Santiago,” David Whyte describes the spiritual journey as “the road seen, then not seen” – sometimes revealing the way we should take, sometimes dropping away and leaving us to walk on thin air. 

Our path, it seems, appears as we travel the journey.  Our part is to recognize the hand of God steadying us and beckoning us forward. 

In our study of “unfolding,” we will acknowledge and learn to navigate the road that urges us on at this time of our lives, though we may not always see the way ahead clearly.

How it works:

•  Each week, we will read from Nancy J. Hill’s book Unfolding, then gather in community and in small groups by Zoom to offer our own thoughts on how Hill’s essays inform our unfolding lives. We will learn from our shared wisdom and from the revelations of our own souls as we listen for the wind of the Spirit.  

•  You will need to buy the book, but there is no other cost for the study. Look for the book under the title of Unfolding: Slow Down, Drop In, Dare More. Or contact Carla Pineda to order the book for you: carlaleedpineda@gmail.com.

•  We will meet via Zoom. If you are not a current Zoom user, we will help get you started.

•  Leaders for this study will be Marjorie George, Carla Pineda, and the Rev. Patricia Riggins.

• To save your space in this study, please send an email to Marjorie George at 


•  If you want to know more before you commit, send an email to

Marjorie George.

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