Gathered Wisdom, Dec 7

A weekly curated collection of essays, poetry, and reflections for your spiritual journey.  From The Wisdom Years.

Miriam: Singing Her Own Song

This week in our Toward Incarnation study we travel with Miriam through her life from primarily being the older sister of Moses to finding her own voice as a prophet for Israel. Read the essay and use the reflection questions for your own journey. Find it here.

Hero to Elder: an Archetypal Shift

In later life, a healthy spirituality means moving from self-centeredness to taking on “a higher purpose for the sake of others, for the sake of our souls, and for the sake of the world,” writes Connie Zweig, a Jungian-oriented therapist. We move from being heroes to being elders.

Read the reflection.

From Jung Platform.

Reasons to Celebrate Christmas

We expect a holy man, an ordained priest and former president of a Catholic seminary, to eschew the frivolities of Christmas. Yes, says Fr. Ron Rolheiser, the Christmas of our culture has too many excesses, but Christmas celebrations are also essential because we have a God-given need to participate in joy.

Read the reflection. 

More about Ron Rolheiser.

Telling Our Story This Advent

Our family members, especially our grandchildren, need to hear the stories of our lives. And we need to tell them.  As we do so, we become more grounded  to our roots and more aware of how God has been at work in our lives through the days and months and years.

Read the reflection.

From Joanna Seibert.

The Advent of Patience

Practicing patience is not only a Christian virtue, it is also a good strategy for maintaining one’s sanity. St. Paul knew having an attitude rooted in patience for other’s mistakes was essential for any Christian to survive, says Brother Jack Crowley of the Society of St. John the evangelist.

Read or listen to the short sermon.

For more about the Society of St. John the Evangelist.

The Marvel of the Incarnation

Gregory of Nazianzus was a 4th century defender of the doctrine of the Trinity. In this classical explanation of the Incarnation, he affirms that in Jesus, God purifies “like by like.” He takes to himself “all that is human, except for sin.”

Read Gregory’s essay. 

From Renovare.

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