Readings and Practices, Feb 22

Monday, Feb 22
The two pieces from John O’Donohue and John Philip Newell that we heard on Feb 11 are on the resources page. Click here. Pick one and spend some time with it. What stands out for you? What is yours to do?

Tuesday, Feb 23
Look again at the grid of scenarios we gave you Lon Feb 11. (Click below if you need it.) Pick one or more and apply RAP to it: Remember your own shortcomings; Assume the best in the person; Pray for the person.

Wednesday, Feb 24
Spend some time with the reading for the week – The Practice of Forgiveness by Jack Kornfield. If you wish, do the forgiveness meditation at the end of the essay.
Here is the link to it

Thursday, Feb 25
Spend 15 minutes in quiet and solitude before we gather.

Friday, Feb 26
Reflect on Thursday’s discussion. Journal, write a poem, draw.