Toward Incarnation – Readings and Reflection Questions

Participate in our Advent study at your own pace with weekly readings and reflection questions.

In Advent we prepare for God’s Incarnation in human form. And we recognize that our God has been acting in history throughout time to bring God’s people to himself. In our Advent exploration, we will look at how God was alive and working in the lives of five vibrant biblical women. The invitation is for each of us to explore through these women and ask: How is God working in us so that we might be all that God calls us to be?

Readings and reflection questions will be posted week by week.

Week 1 (Nov 29) – Sarah: The Long Struggle

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Introduction to the study: The Grandmothers.

Sarah: The Long Struggle.

Week 2 (Dec 6) – Miriam: Singing Her Own Song

Read the article and find reflection questions.

Week 3 – Deborah: Order, Disorder, Reorder.

Read the article and find the reflection questions.

Week 4 – Mary and Elizabeth: Sharing the Wisdom

Read the article and find reflection questions.

You are also invited to join us in an online conversation by Zoom each week during Advent. We gather every Thursday, 4 to 5:15 (Central time) to discuss the weekly readings. Our conversations are informal and designed to offer everyone time to reflect on the readings and explore how our gracious God is deepening our spiritual journeys. Our gatherings are not so much a study as they conversations among welcoming and caring friends.

If you wish to join us, send an email to Marjorie George at for the Zoom invitation link, which changes each week.

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