Overflowing with Gratefulness

An online study from The Wisdom Years

Four weeks: April 15, 22, 29, May 6
4 to 5:15 p.m. (Central time)

“There is a kind of gratitude that can permeate every moment and is lasting; one that precedes and suffuses everything. It is not only a ‘something good happened’ gratitude, or ‘I got what I wanted’ gratitude. It is an ‘I woke up again today’ gratitude, and ‘I walked into this room already grateful’ gratitude. It is a radical gratitude, with a ‘no matter what happens, I can still feel grateful for something’ attitude. ”

Kristi Nelson, Executive Director, A Network for Grateful Living. 

Our study of Overflowing with Gratefulness will explore this radical gratitude and invite us to begin to live into it. In our four-week exploration we will consider how we can live our older years knowing that what we have and what we are is all that we need.

We will learn to “hold space” for the possibilities for joy and contentment our God reveals to us.

We will look at practices that open us to awareness of blessings that call forth grateful living. 

Each week, we will gather on Zoom for a brief teaching, using material from A Network for Grateful Living and other sources, then break into small groups for discussion and reflection. As we gather, we will be attentive to the Holy Spirit, learning from each other and from the revelations of our own life experiences.

As we consider gratitude together, we will build a community that strengthens our resolve to live grateful lives and encourages us to bear witness to a hurting world that God has given us all we need for all persons to live in peace and prosperity.

To join this study, you will need to be able to engage online with Zoom on a computer or tablet with video and audio capabilities.

There is no cost for the study, and we welcome all faiths and all ages.

To learn more about the study or to register to be part of it, please email Marjorie George at marjoriegeorge62@gmail.com


PowerPoint presentations

April 22 – Gratitude and Gratefulness

April 29 – Holding Space and Gratefulness

More resources from this study will be added after the study ends on May 6.