Overflowing with Gratefulness

An online study from The Wisdom Years

This study has ended.

“There is a kind of gratitude that can permeate every moment and is lasting; one that precedes and suffuses everything. It is not only a ‘something good happened’ gratitude, or ‘I got what I wanted’ gratitude. It is an ‘I woke up again today’ gratitude, and ‘I walked into this room already grateful’ gratitude. It is a radical gratitude, with a ‘no matter what happens, I can still feel grateful for something’ attitude. ”

Kristi Nelson, Executive Director, A Network for Grateful Living. 

To learn more about the study, please email Marjorie George at marjoriegeorge62@gmail.com

Resources used in the study:

PowerPoint presentations

April 22 – Gratitude and Gratefulness

April 29 – Holding Space and Gratefulness

May 6 – Gratefulness and Community – part A

Gratefulness and Community – part b