Gathered Wisdom, May 31 2022

A weekly curated collection of essays, poetry, and reflections for your spiritual journey.  From The Wisdom Years.

Live in the ways that you want to be remembered…Live in ways that serve love…Plant trees that others will sit beneath. Sow seeds now that will nourish future generations.

-Kristi Nelson, Wake Up Grateful: The Transformative Practice of Taking Nothing for Granted


Reading Richard Foster’s reflection on the death of a dear friend, we can apply his words to the tragedies we are experiencing in our own society. God weeps with us, Foster assures us. “We must look the sad time straight in the face. We are able do this because Jesus did it. When faced with the darkest of tragedies, he never flinched but stared it down. And as a result he stands with us in the darkness of our own tragedy.”

Read the reflection.

From Renovare.

Empathy for the World

It is hard to love the world these days.  Many of us are ready to give up on it and smugly say it is reaping its own rewards for its sinful ways. But Jesus loved the world, even when it  “killed the prophets and stoned those who were sent to it.” He wept over it, wanting to gather it to him like a mother hen gathers his chicks (Matthew 23:37-39).

Read the reflection from Ron Rolheiser.

More about Ron Rolheiser.

Seeing All the Things

In its truest sense, says Richard Rohr, “religion should reconnect human beings—bind them again—to the creation, to one another, to the divine, to love. Religion should reveal to us how much we need one another to survive and thrive. Religion should be revelatory and revolutionary, helping us see how our biases about color, gender, sexuality, and class cause deep hurt to both body and soul. . . .”

Read the rest of Fr. Rohr’s reflection.

From Center for Action and Contemplation.

Buddha of Oakland

When Dan Stevenson placed a stone Buddha across the street from his house in Oakland’s Eastlake neighborhood, it was out of desperation. The corner had become an impromptu dump. City signs warning of punishment did nothing to change things. Dan asked himself if there might be another approach; something simple. He never imagined the positive energy chain that would ensue.

Watch the video

From Karmatube.

Exploring Sophia/Seeking Wisdom

What are the beliefs and values you held as a child? In The Star in My Heart, Joyce Rupp calls these her “enchanted forest.” But what happens as we grow up and become disenchanted?

Read and engage with week 4 of our online/Zoom study. Materials are here.

Gathered Wisdom is an offering of The Wisdom Years, a ministry devoted to the spiritual journey of the last third of our lives.

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