Gathered Wisdom, July 28

A weekly collection of inspiration and resources for the journey, gathered from websites, books, and pass-alongs that have been shared with us. From Spirituality in the Wisdom Years.

A Blessing for Old Age

By John O’Donohue

May the light of your soul mind you,
May all your worry and anxiousness about becoming old be transfigured,
May you be given a wisdom with the eye of your soul,
to see this beautiful time of harvesting.
May you have the commitment to harvest your life,
to heal what has hurt you, to allow it to come closer to you and become one with you.
May you have great dignity, may you have a sense of how free you are,
And above all may you be given the wonderful gift of meeting the eternal light and beauty that is within you.
May you be blessed, and may you find a wonderful love in yourself for yourself.

From the book To Bless the Space Between Us

This Week

Turning Prayer into Action

Maybe we can’t do all of the things we used to do before the pandemic, but Bishop Michael Curry says there are many things we can do. It is our prayer that will lead us to the right actions, he says in this week’s Habits of Grace video.  Bishop  Curry, the thoroughly delightful and deeply spiritual leader of the Episcopal Church, posts a video meditation every week as we travel through this pandemic. The meditations can be watched at any time by clicking here.

For more about Michael Curry, from The Episcopal Church 

When What is Precious is Taken From You

“Perhaps the reality that is hardest of all to accept in life is the unalterable fact that everything that is precious to us will, in some way, eventually be taken away,” says Fr. Ron Rolheiser of Oblate Seminary. “We are left wondering what we really believe in and what really can be trusted,” he says. Read the essay.

From: Fr. Ron’s blog

Retreating Where You Are

You kept telling yourself you would take a retreat day, but now you really are out of excuses. “Retreat, at heart, is simply about making ourselves available to God,” say the brothers at Society of St. John the Evangelist.  What better time than while we are confined to home and our calendars are empty. The brothers have created an outline of a simple and possible “retreat in place” day from preparation to conclusion. Access it here.

From: Society of St. john the Evangelist. 


Learning to listen is a lifelong journey that starts with the healing of the wounds that get in the way, says Heather Plett, an author and blogger who is particularly committed to the concept of “holding space.” In this article, she discusses learning to listen to those who are closest to her – her three grown children. Read it.

From: Heather Plett blog

As It Is: Spiritual Journaling e-course

Led by Judith Favor from Spirituality and Practice
Monday, August 3 – Friday, August 28

This course on spiritual journaling starts with three words from the Lord’s Prayer  – as it is – to invite deep questions about today’s world. Through contemplative writing, participants will get practice in recognizing and responding to their relationship with God, self, others, nature, work, and society just “as it is.” For more information.

From: Spirituality and Practice 

Gathered Wisdom is from Spirituality in the Wisdom Years, a ministry that invites older adults to deepening spirituality in the last third of their lives. If someone forwarded this to you, learn more about Spirituality in the Wisdom Years and subscribe to the site at

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